EV manufacturer Lightning eMotors has unveiled its latest generation of its Lightning Mobile chargers to support commercial and consumer EVs. The second-generation portable DC fast charger brings vast improvements and versatility compared to its predecessor, providing up to five charging ports without any need for installations or construction.

Lightning eMotors ($ZEV) designs, engineers, customizes, and manufactures a variety of EVs to support a wide array of needs for its fleet customers. The company originally specialized in electric conversions of existing platforms developed by other OEMs like Ford and Chevrolet, including a specialty vehicle manufacturer (SVM) contract with GM.

However, the automaker began offering customers purpose-built EVs on its own proprietary platform earlier this year. In addition to exploring other EV technologies like integrating autonomous capabilities, the company provides charging infrastructure under its Lightning Mobile arm.

Its first generation portable DC charger debuted in 2020, but was designed to be installed in a vehicle or trailer to make it mobile. For how large it was, the portable charger also only carried 192 kWh of battery storage.

Today, Lightning Mobile has unveiled its next generation portable DC charger that is not only smaller and more modular, but can deliver a significantly higher capacity on the go.

  • Portable DC charger
  • Portable DC charger

Lightning eMotors makes portable DC charger more mobile

As you can see in featured image compared to the two older images directly above, Lightning eMotors has made some significant upgrades to its portable DC charging system.

The first obvious difference is how much more compact it is, and how the charger system itself is now mobile. It can be towed instead of having to be installed into a vehicle or trailer. According to the press release, each 2nd-generation modular unit offers between 105 and 420 kWh of battery capacity and the option for up to 5 DC fast-charging outputs.

The portable DC charger also features the same advanced technologies as Lightning’s powertrains, including active thermal management for optimum battery performance in addition to telematics and analytics to optimize overall fleet operations and vehicle safety. Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser spoke:

We’re incredibly excited to bring our next-generation Lightning Mobile charging solution to the market to address the growing need for readily available, mobile, and flexible DC fast- charging. Lightning Mobile provides a much-needed charging solution for everything from mobile disaster relief and rescue to intermittent charging points at facilities like sports stadiums, which need an EV charging and power solution in various locations. It can also serve as a short or medium-term charging solution for fleets to rapidly deploy EVs while waiting for permanent infrastructure to be installed

According to the automaker, the new systems are already available to order as fleet purchases or lease/rental agreements. Deliveries are expected to begin in late 2022.

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