Tesla confirmed today that Gigafactory Berlin has been able to ramp up production to 2,000 electric cars a week for the first time.

If this new production rate is maintainable, it is a giant achievement for the automaker.

Every automaker in the world is currently navigating an extremely difficult supply chain crisis in order to ramp up electric vehicle production and survive the fast transition to electric vehicles that is sweeping the industry.

Tesla has been a leader on that front for a decade now, and it is not slowing down as it is currently simultaneously ramping up production at two major new factories: Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas.

Today, Tesla announced an important milestone for Gigafactory Berlin, which produced 2,000 vehicles in a single week:

Production started earlier this year, and in June, the automaker previously disclosed having achieved a production rate of over 1,000 Model Y vehicles per week at Gigafactory Berlin.

It means that Tesla managed to roughly double the production rate in about three months.

This is impressive, but the automaker would need to do even better over the next three months if it wants to achieve its existing goal of 2022: a production rate of 5,000 vehicles per week.

Regardless, 2,000 Model Y vehicles per week out of Gigafactory Berlin will have a major impact on Tesla’s operations globally.

Those vehicles are sold in Europe, which means that Tesla doesn’t have to export 2,000 vehicles from China or the US every week to satisfy European demand.

This is going to greatly improve Tesla’s logistics and transit times on top of increasing its overall production capacity.

Electrek’s Take

Congrats to everyone involved in achieving this milestone. We are talking about taking annualized production rate from 0 to 100,000 vehicles in less than 10 months from the start of production.

This is incredible.

However, I have some doubts about achieving 5,000 vehicles per week by the end of the year, but it is not impossible.

The fact that Tesla announced the milestone for Gigafactory Berlin but has yet to do that for Gigafactory Texas would indicate that the latter has yet to produce 2,000 vehicles in a week.

Last month, Tesla confirmed that Gigafactory Texas has produced 10,000 Model Y vehicles to date, but it didn’t confirm the weekly output.

But I would bet that it is not too far behind Gigafactory Berlin.

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