PepsiCo, Inc. PEP , the global food and beverage giant, has become the first customer to receive the Tesla IncTSLA Semi, the long-awaited electric semi-truck designed for regional hauling.

The company has received a total of 36 Tesla Semis, with 15 of them being deployed in Modesto and the remaining 21 in Sacramento. Pepsi said the Tesla Semiis currently used for deliveries within a 400-mile radius and for routes that require up to 425 miles of travel.

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The Tesla Semi is expected to be a game-changer in the trucking industry, and it has the potential to be more economical than rail transport. The truck's all-electric powertrain offers significant savings in maintenance and fuel costs, while its advanced safety features are designed to reduce the risk of accidents.

While the autonomous features of the Tesla Semi are not yet enabled, the hardware is present and ready for future upgrades.

The Tesla Semi can charge up to 400 miles of range in about an hour, thanks to the company's innovative Mega Charger, which charges at about 750kW.

Drivers who have been using the Tesla Semi have reported positive feedback about the truck's performance and have given positive feedback onthe convenience of plugging in the truck when they are done with their routes.

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Photo courtesy of Tesla

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