An expert on China warned that Vladimir Putin could be involved in Beijing's spy balloon that was shot down by the US military last week.

What Happened: Gordon Chang, author and Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow, told CNN that Russia and China are forming "adorable partnerships," and Putin may have been involved in the objects shot down over North America.

"The objects that were shot down on Friday and Saturday entered North American airspace from the North, that means that they probably passed over Russia," Chang said.

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Chang added that there could be three possibilities, including that the balloon could perhaps be a "Russian object." The other possibilities were that China may have launched it from Russia, or "maybe China launched them from China but they floated over Russia, which means that Russia presumably gave approval to that."

Chang also mentioned about Russia-China growing ties and Beijing's support for Putin's unprecedented war in Ukraine. "We know that China's top diplomat is going to be in Moscow in a couple of days that follow a couple of weeks when the vice foreign minister went to Moscow; Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, is supposed to go to Moscow this year and we have seen China being all in on Russia's war referring Ukraine. So the conclusion is China and Russia are forming adorable partnerships," Chang said.

The expert also warned of the growing possibility of world conflict "if not World War Three."

On Tuesday, Chang tweeted, We will be in the fight soon. China and Russia, which are driving events, are making sure of that. We are at the end of decades of general peace."

We will be in the fight soon. #China and #Russia, which are driving events, are making sure of that. We are at the end of decades of general peace. Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang) February 14, 2023

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