‘Drive Out Santos’ caravan in Queens, Long Island

A caravan of constituents of George Santos hit the road on Saturday, as part of a push to try and force the scandal-plagued congressman out of office.

NEW YORK – A group of residents and activists are caravanning from Long Island to Queens in protest of Rep. George Santos in light of new allegations. 

The event was organized by several groups that are advocating for Santo's expulsion, including, MoveOn, Courage for America, and Concerned Citizens of NY-03.

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Santos, the 34-year-old Republican is accused of lying about large swaths of his background and accomplishments.

Rep. Santos was sworn in as a member of the 118th Congress last month. 

But as reports began to emerge that he had lied about having Jewish ancestry, a career at top Wall Street firms, and a college degree, Santos has become more deflective.

“I continue to not understand why there is this enormous inquisition.” Rep. George Santos Each stop signifies a Santos-related scandal

The caravan began on Saturday at 10 a.m. and will stop at Garden City Animal Hospital, in New Hyde Park, where Santos allegedly mishandled funds at the Republican’s charity Friends of Pets United.

The next will be Lake Success Jewish Center, in protest of the lawmaker lying about his Jewish heritage and story about his grandparents escaping the Holocaust.

The third stop will be CitiBank where Santos said that he once worked.

The fourth stop is II Bacco Italian Restaurant, where the Santos team claimed they had spent more than $26,000 on food.

The final stop will be at his office in Queens.

Get breaking news alerts in the free FOX5NY News app!  |  Sign up for FOX 5 email newsletters George Santos has admitting to several of his lies

Rep. Santos admitted in an exclusive interview with Fox 5 that he was a terrible liar. 

When asked by Jodi Goldberg to comment on a recent report claiming that more than $365,000 is missing from his campaign filings, Santos pleaded ignorance. Fox 5’s Jodi Goldberg talks about Santos interview

George Santos gave Jodi Goldberg exactly five minutes to ask questions. Here is what she was able to get out of the congressman.

Many more allegations related to his finances and background have been brought against the freshman congressman.

Democrats have submitted a resolution to remove Santos from his post, a move that has also garnered Republican support. 

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