Tesla has released a detailed look at its latest data privacy approach with more details about what stays in your car and what goes to Tesla.

For a long time, data privacy was not really a thing car buyers were overly concerned about, but with the advent of connected vehicles, it is starting to change.

And there’s no more connected vehicle than a Tesla.

As it recognizes it as an increasing concern for buyers, Tesla has decided to launch a new webpage highlighting its effort to protect consumer data and a new support page.

The automaker wrote:

“We’re committed to protecting you anytime you get behind the wheel of a Tesla vehicle. That commitment extends to your data privacy. Our privacy protections aim to go beyond industry standards, ensuring your personal data is never sold, tracked or shared without your permission or knowledge.”

Tesla released a chart to explain the difference between the data that stays in your car, and data that goes to Tesla with the distinction of the data that is associated with your account and the data that is not.

Here’s the chart:

Processed directly on vehicle by default Shared with Tesla, but not associated with your account Shared with Tesla and associated with your account
Sentry Mode camera recordings N/A N/A
Dashcam camera recordings N/A N/A
Cabin camera data If opted in through Data Sharing If FSD Beta enabled and safety critical event occurs
Autopilot camera recordings If opted in through Data Sharing In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Location data If opted in through Data Sharing In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Speed N/A In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Voice commands N/A N/A
Browsing history N/A N/A
Odometer For fleet analysis and improvement Last known value only, for warranty calculation
Charging data If third-party charging network used If Supercharger network used
Touchscreen interactions N/A

Along with this new information, Tesla has now released more precise details about how customers can request a copy of their data through the new support page.

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