Kim Jong Un's powerful sister warned the U.S. against shooting down any of North Koreas test missiles.

What Happened: Kim Yo Jong on Tuesday blamed Washington and Seoul's joint military drills for tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

She warned in a statement that any move by the U.S. to shoot down one of its test missiles would be considered a "declaration of war" by Pyongyang, reported KCNAWatch.

Kim's sister, who is also the Member of the State Affairs Commission of North Korea, hinted that the isolated nation could fire more missiles into the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean does not belong to the dominium of the U.S. or Japan, she said.

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Although Washington and its allies have never shot down North Korean ballistic missile tests, which the United Nations has banned, the questions from Kim's sister sparked concerns as North Korea suggested it will fire more missiles over Japan.

Last month, she threatened U.S. forces to halt military drills and said the nuclear-armed Pyongyang could turn the Pacific into a "firing range."

The chief of the Foreign News Section at North Koreas Foreign Ministry, in a separate statement, also accused Washington of aggravating the situation by conducting a joint air drill with a B-52 bomber on Monday.

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Photoby Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation on Wikimedia Commons

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