Tesla has added a rare new paint color option, “Ultra Red,” available on the Model S and Model X built at Fremont Factory.

Back in the early days of the Model S, Tesla used to offer a variety of colors, but the automaker decided to streamline options in order to facilitate production and service.

It gradually reduced options until it made only a handful of color options available across its entire lineup – even for the flagship Model S and Model X.

Only late last year, Tesla decided to add two new colors, Quicksilver and Cherry Red, but it was only on new Model Y vehicles produced at Gigafactory Berlin and enabled by the new state-of-the-art paint shop at this new factory.

Now Tesla has surprised us with a new color option, and this time, it’s for Model S and Model X:

We say a “new color option,” but it actually replaces the old multilayered red that was previously available.

The new “Ultra Red” is darker and closer to the Cherry Red that Tesla launched on Model Y in Berlin, but it appears a tad lighter.

The option is available on both Model S and Model X for $3,000.

Model 3 and Model Y produced in Fremont are still only available with the “multi Red,” which as you can see below is lighter and appears to have fewer nuances than the new Ultra Red.

The Cherry Red produced at GIgafactory Berlin is also known to look significantly different in different lights due to its many coatings. It will be interesting to see if it’s the same case with the new Ultra Red.

Earlier this week, Model S and Model X recently saw a new important price reduction. Furthermore, Tesla is starting to deliver its two flagship vehicles with the latest Hardware 4.0 suite of Autopilot and Self-Driving sensors.

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