If former President Donald Trump were to return to the top office, the extent of U.S. funding for war-torn Ukraine would largely depend on his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What Happened: In a written response to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Trump said the aid to Ukraine "would largely depend on meeting with Putin" but stressed, Europe must pay.

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Carlson sent a questionnaire to several potential Republican candidates in the presidential election to clarify their positions on the Russia-Ukraine war.

In his response, Trump emphasized that opposing Russia in Ukraine is vital for Europes strategic interest and not that much for Washington. He added that Europe should be paying far more than we are, or equal.

Trump has often argued against funding Ukraine. The former U.S. president, last year, questioning military aid sent to Ukraine, said the President Joe Biden-led administration should fund safe schools before the Ukraine war.

Last week, in an interview on Fox News, Trump reportedly said he would have considered letting Russia have parts of Ukraine as part of a peace deal between the nations. He earlier also touted his "very good relationship" with Putin and often reiterated that he could broker a Ukraine peace deal.

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