Tesla appears to be teasing a new product in a cryptic social media post on China’s Weibo in which it refers to something called “CyberVault.”

Tesla fans have been starved of new products for a while now, unless you count the Gigabier launched yesterday, but now they have some hope coming from Tesla China.

Tesla’s Chinese marketing team is fairly active on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, and today, the company shared a post that appears to be teasing the unveiling of a new production.

The post includes a picture of something hidden under a piece of cloth and the mention of something called “CyberVault”:

The Chinese text says, “Who is the main character this time?” on top, and “Special form, super power up” below. It also includes a countdown to three days, which should mean that whatever it is, it should be unveiled this Sunday.

The “CyberVault” term is leading people to believe that it is related to the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck, but that’s just speculation at this point.

The shape in the teaser certainly takes a vehicle out of the equation, but it looks to be about the size of a charging station or something similar in size.

What do you think it would be? Let us know your best guess in the comment section below.

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