Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday slammed the U.S. after Ambassador to Ankara met the presidential candidate of the main opposition Republican Peoples Party.

What Happened:Erdogan slammed the U.S. and said America needs to be taught a lesson afterJeff Flake metKemal K?l?daro?lu,reportedTurkish Star news.

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We need to teach America a lesson in these elections. Joe Biden is speaking from there, what is Bidens ambassador doing here? Hes leaving, Mr. Kemal. He is visiting. It is a shame, work your mind a little bit. You are the ambassador. Your addressee here is the President, Erdogan said.

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From now on, with what face will you ask the President for an appointment? Erdogan said, adding that our doors are closed to him, you will not see him again. Why? You will know your place. You will know your duty as an ambassador. You will learn how an ambassador works.

Turkey's presidential elections are due to be held on May 14, along with the parliamentary voting. According to polls, Erdogans AKP party and their nationalist allies MHP are expected to receive 45% of the votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections, similar to the combined percentage of the six-party opposition bloc.

However, in the Presidential elections, the oppositions joint candidate, Kilicdaroglu, is leading by approximately 10% points over Erdogan.

The Turkish leader is now confronted with the greatest challenge in his 20-year reign after the erosion of his popularity during a cost-of-living crisis.

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