President Biden on Monday said he plans on running for reelection in 2024, but he’s not yet ready to make an official announcement.

Biden spoke with NBC’s Al Roker for a “Today” show segment on the White House Easter egg roll. Roker asked the president if he had plans to host more of the events in the future, a nod to his reelection plans.

“I plan on at least three or four more Easter egg rolls. Maybe five. Maybe six, what the hell? I don’t know,” Biden said with a smile.

“Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024? Help a brother out, make some news for me,” Roker said.

“I plan on running, Al, but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden responded. Chinese military simulates sealing off Taiwan after president’s trip to US Pentagon: Interagency effort underway to assess impact of leaked materials

Biden has for months said he intends to run for a second term, but the timeline for an official announcement has repeatedly slipped. Advisers first indicated the president may announce his plans around February’s State of the Union address, but when that didn’t happen, reports suggested Biden would announce in the spring.

The latest reports are that Biden may wait until the summer to announce, with those around him arguing there is no major rush and a delayed announcement would allow him to focus on the job of being president and promoting his agenda to the public.

Biden, who would be 82 at the start of a second term, has yet to draw a major primary challenger despite some concerns about his age. Author Marianne Williamson, who ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2020, has declared she is running for the Democratic nomination.

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