President Joe Biden has a 'doomsday' plane that would be used in the event of a nuclear war. The plane was recently spotted in the sky. Heres a look at the details of the plane and where it was found.

What Happened: President Biden won the 2020 presidential election and could have his eyes set on a re-election campaign in the 2024 election.

With an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and other international conflicts seen as potentially escalating, the threat of war with the U.S.or a nuclear war could rise.

The U.S. has a doomsday plane that would be used by Biden in the event of a nuclear war, according to Insider.

The special E-4B Nightwatch, which is produced by Boeing Co BA can fly for multiple days straight, with the ability to refuel in the sky. The plane has a cost of $223 million and is said to cost around $159,529 per hour to fly, making it the most expensive plane the U.S. Air Force operates.

The doomsday plane was recently spotted flying over the country of Wales. It shouldnt be a major concern for Americans that the doomsday plane was in the sky, as it typically follows Air Force One, the official plane of the president while he travels.

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Why Its Important: The U.S. has many security procedures in place for the event of a war or an attack on the president of the country.

In the event of a nuclear attack, Biden would board this doomsday plane with several important U.S. officials including the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to the report, the plane has room for 112 people.

Many of the details of the plane are top secret. One detail learned by Insider previously was the windows of the plane being equipped with a wire mesh that is similar to what you would find inside a microwave oven door, to prevent radiation from entering.

Its designed that, in the most austere environments, during or after a nuclear war, it survives and can communicate, from the most cutting-edge communications technology to old, antiquated communications technology, a former director of the planes operations previously told Insider.

While aboard the Nightwatch, the president and his advisors would be able to order nuclear strikes and plan the next move for the country. The doomsday plane would act as a flying war room of sorts.

The hope is that the doomsday plane never has to be officially used by a U.S. president, but it remains a security procedure the country has in case of nuclear war.

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