Tesla has revealed the Cybertruck’s seats in a new video featuring its butt robot – a robot that simulates someone sitting in a seat.

I didn’t think I would ever write about a butt robot when I first started writing for Electrek eight years ago, but now, over 12,000 articles later, it’s actually my second time talking about Tesla’s butt robot.

The butt robot is a Fanuc robot that Tesla uses to replicate the impact of lifetime use of its seats by performing 50,000 ingress and egress with a fake human behind.

Tesla first revealed the robot in 2019 when it was testing Model 3 seats.

Now Tesla has released a new video of the robot, but it is interesting because it features the Cybertruck’s seats:

It’s the first time we see the Cybertruck seat since Tesla has moved to production, which likely means that this is the seat that will be in the production version of the electric truck:

It looks like the Cybertruck’s seat has some deep side support that has a similar shape as the truck itself.

Tesla has announced that it started production of the Cybertruck last weekend, and it is expected to start deliveries, likely to employees, later this quarter.

Electrek’s Take

It looks like the seats are fairly large, which is actually quite important for trucks. Truck seats are generally larger and appreciated by larger people who find seats in regular vehicles uncomfortable.

42% of the US population qualifies as obese, according to Healthline.

Larger people have contacted me before to inform me that it is difficult for them to find an electric vehicle that is comfortable. I was told that many existing EVs, even SUVs, have seats that feel uncomfortable for heavier folks.

I wasn’t aware of this, but it’s actually one of the reasons why trucks are so popular in North America since pickup trucks generally have larger and more heavy-duty seats.

Hopefully, the Cybertruck’s seats are comfortable for most people.

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