Tesla plans to deploy something called a “CyberCanopy” at a new Supercharger station. Is this a new Tesla product?

Elon Musk has been promising that Tesla will power all Supercharger stations with solar and batteries for a long time, but the rollout has been significantly delayed.

Back in 2016, Musk told me that Tesla was waiting for the new Supercharger V3 and Powerpack V2 to accelerate the deployment of solar and batteries at charging stations:

In 2017, Musk even added that Tesla planned to add solar and batteries to all Supercharger stations and eventually disconnect most of them from the grid.

But the new Supercharger and Powerpack came, yet Tesla has barely deployed any solar or batteries at its charging stations.

As far as we know, Electrify America has deployed more Tesla batteries at its charging stations than Tesla has at its own.

The automaker is now deploying its new Supercharger V4, and there has been hope that solar and batteries would come with this version based on early construction plans for new stations.

Tesla CyberCanopy

Now, new plans for a Supercharger station in Canton, Massachusetts, reveal that Tesla plans to deploy solar with it, but the name of the solar panel system is what is most interesting.

Tesla is talking about a solar “CyberCanopy.”

Marco RP found the plan for the new Tesla Supercharger in Massachusetts:

While the plans mention the new CyberCanopy, it’s unclear what it would look like from the documentation alone.

Tesla has had solar canopies at other Supercharger stations in the past, but they looked standard. By comparison, CyberCanopy sounds like a custom-built solution from Tesla.

Electrek’s Take

Is this a new Tesla product? We recently reported that Tesla was looking to bring new solar and energy products to market. Therefore, it’s not impossible.

Tesla also loves bringing new products to market with a “cyber” twist to them, like its wireless device charger and Cybervault.

I can imagine Tesla making a pre-assembled solar canopy that can be rapidly deployed – not unlike its pre-fabricated Supercharger station. That would be super cool, but it’s just a guess.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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