The luxury automaker is looking to upgrade the charging experience for Porsche EV drivers with exclusive “premium” amenities. The Porsche Charging Lounge comes complete with snacks and soft drinks, digital media, and even a smart mirror to get a workout in while on the road.

Porsche opens premium EV Charging Lounge experience

Porsche opened the first of several premium EV Charging Lounges on Wednesday, beginning with a pilot site outside Bingen am Rhein, Germany.

With plans to establish its own fast-charging stations across Europe’s most important routes, Porsche is offering the premium experience that “one expects of the brand.”

The facility includes six 300 kW DC fast-charging stations and four 22 kW AC charging points powered by renewable energy. By the start of next year, Porsche says 400 kW per charging point is a possibility.

With significant traffic flow in the area, the location is open 24/7, allowing Porsche drivers to charge up regardless of the time of day.

The building itself is designed to reduce energy consumption with heating and air conditioning that operate without fossil fuels. In addition, part of the electricity is supplied by a solar panel system on the roof of the building.

To provide Porsche drivers with a premium experience, the site includes a large selection of drinks and snacks.

You will also have access to reading material or digital media, with high-performance Wi-Fi available. For the workout warriors, the lounge includes a smart mirror to keep you on track while on the road. Porsche says payments can be made through Apple or Google Pay.

Porsche Charging Lounges are displayed in the navigation system and are integrated into the Porsche Charging Service.

The price is 33 cents per kWh, and a Porsche ID will be needed to access the exclusive charging stations and lounge. The barrier will automatically open if your plate is stored with Porsche ID. Drivers can also use their Porsche Charging Card or scan a QR code from the app to gain access.

Several more Charging Lounges are planned for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland so far. Porsche’s charging network consists of over 436,000 charging points in over 20 countries throughout the EU.

Despite only having one fully electric vehicle in its lineup, the Taycan sports car, Porsche aims for 80% of its lineup to be EV by 2030.

The long-awaited Macan EV is expected to launch next year. After that, Porsche will launch an electric 718 in 2025, followed by the Cayenne EV in 2026. Porsche is also developing a premium luxury electric SUV to compete with ultra-luxury automakers, slated to sit above the Macan and Cayenne models.

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