Uber Freight and Greenlane are joining forces to smartly deploy heavy-duty charging stations to power America’s growing electric truck fleet.

The two companies are aiming to lift a barrier to the adoption of heavy-duty EVs: the lack of a robust, public electric charging network. The partnership will tap into Uber Freight’s logistics insights that include an $18 billion Freight Under Management, and Greenlane’s expertise in electric commercial truck charging.

Greenlane, backed by major players like Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock, plans to use Uber Freight’s data to identify strategic locations for charging stations along key freight corridors. This data-driven approach will help ensure that the deployment of charging infrastructure will align with actual demand and usage patterns.

Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO of Greenlane, said, “Our national network of EV charging and hydrogen fueling stations, together with our Uber Freight collaboration, will make the electrification transition easier for shippers. Together, we will pave the way for a greener and more efficient future in logistics.”

The collaboration is timely, as a recent survey conducted by Uber Freight and FreightWaves found that while 13% of US shippers are currently using electric trucks, a whopping 77% are considering them for the future. Uber Freight also discovered a willingness among shippers to pay a premium for green transportation options, indicating a market ready for transformation.

As a first step, Greenlane says it will build its initial charging corridors in Southern California, followed by expansions in the Texas Triangle and the Northeast. In support, Uber Freight is unveiling a new whitepaper that gives examples of the types of data-driven insights Greenlane will consider as it explores where and when to install its heavy-duty charging stations. 

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Photo: Uber Freight/Greenlane

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