Is Ford adding Google Maps EV route planning? CEO Jim Farley hinted at the idea this week as owners requested the feature.

In today’s age, staying connected is everything. Especially while driving. Although most new cars come loaded with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, some automakers are doing away with it.

Rival GM announced it was dropping CarPlay in March, starting with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV. Instead, GM is partnering with Google to build its own custom infotainment systems for future EVs.

GM’s 2024 Silverado EV will keep the feature, but future electric models, including the Equinox and GMC Sierra EVs, will include GM’s new software.

The decision was to help the automaker “capture more data on how customers drive and charge EVs.”

After fans were disappointed to the learn the news, Ford confirmed it would continue to offer the services in its EVs a month later.

Ford CEO Jim Farley doubled down on the decision this week. Farley posted on his Twitter, saying, “We’re committed to keeping Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.” He added that customers “love the features” as they help their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Source: Jim Farley

According to Farley, Ford will continue to work with Apple and Google to improve the driving experience.

Perhaps, more importantly, Ford will work with Google Maps to integrate EV route planning. User @Mach-E Vlog asked Farley if Ford can work with Google to integrate EV route planning like Apple Maps for the Mach-E and Lightning.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning (Source: Ford)

Farley responded, saying, “Absolutely.” Apple Maps EV routing was first added to the Mustang Mach-E in March 2022. Ford began rolling out the feature in the F-150 Lightning electric pickup in October.

The feature helps you plan trips, including recommended stops for charging. It analyzes elevation changes and other factors to determine the best charging stops and real-time availability.

When the battery gets too low, you will be offered a route to the closest compatible charging station.

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