Tesla has increased Model Y prices back up as part of a new strategy to implement temporary discounts.

In early February, Tesla announced a temporary $1,000 discount on Model RWD and Model Y Long Range until March 1st.

It’s a fairly new strategy for Tesla.

While Tesla has had extremely frequent price changes over the last few years, it has stayed away from direct discounts.

Instead, the company has focused on direct incentives, like free Supercharging, at the end of quarters.

Some speculated that this specific incentive on Model Y for a few weeks in the middle of a quarter was to take advantage of a surge of interest in electric vehicles due to the Super Bowl.

Tesla didn’t run ads at the Super Bowl, but many other automakers ran some and Tesla noted in the past that this result in a surge of interest in its own vehicles.

Today, March 1st, Tesla increased the price of Model Y RWD and Model Y Long Range back up by $1,000:

The vehicle now starts at $43,990 and $48,990, respectively, before the $7,500 tax credit.

While new Model Y orders are back up in price, Tesla is still heavily discounting Model Y vehicles in “new inventory”:

You can find new Model Y vehicles for as low as $39,150 in new inventory.

When buying with a referral code, Tesla also offers 3 months of free Full Self-Driving package.

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