A young man from Baltimore miraculously escaped the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge by just three minutes.

According to Faithwire, Jayden Woof, 20, had traveled back-and-forth from the bridge after having an argument with his girlfriend who lives on the north side of the river. His mother, Jen Woof, told The Telegraph that her son crossed the bridge three times in a row because he tried to return in his girlfriends direction, only to be sent back home.After crossing the 1.6 mile bridge for the third consecutive time, the entire structure suddenly collapsed after a cargo ship crashed into one of its structural beams. When he was almost home, his girlfriend texted him to see if he was OK.

He thought she was texting because they were arguing, and she said the bridge had collapsed, Jen told the newspaper. He came into my house, frantically panicking and yelling for me and showing me a video.

The bridge, first built in 1977, collapsed at 1:30 am Tuesday after the cargo ship crashed due to it briefly losing power. About six construction workers are presumed dead after they fell into the water when the structure collapsed.

As CBN News previously reported, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) shared he met with the families of the victims and prayed with them.

Weve had a chance to spend time earlier today with the families, and they are remarkable, he said. They are prayerful people, and we had the chance to pray with them we had a chance to pray for them. And we want to let them know that we are going to keep on praying for them and not just us, but they have got 6.3 million people, and theyve got a whole country and a whole world, whos praying for their peace.

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